Monday, October 26, 2009

halloween kick-off

we had a great weekend filled with fun! nana had a fun night planned~ that turned into 2 nights.
we enjoyed
a spaghetti dinner
bobbing for apples
caramel apples
donuts on a string
pumpkin bean bag toss
carving pumpkins
having treats
and it was topped off with
r.i.p. cupcakes.

fun times. let the games begin!! (connie took this pic. i added the 70's touch.)

**in other news, i have lost a pillow.
i had 2 pillows on my couch. one
remains. after
questioning each person in my family, no one has fessed up. where does a pillow go?! ( i can understand losing a fork or spoon here and there. i usually find those in the
backyard after they've been used for
a hoe or a shovel.) i may have to change my tactics here. any ideas?


Yvette said...

The Halloween party sounds like it was a blast. What a fun Grandma!
As far as the pillows concerned look in cupboards or drawers. Thats where my kids hide our pillows. Im not sure they even know why.

J/K Mask Family said...

Are you sure an unnamed source in your family didn't dispose of it?:)
You need me to come and look. I can always find things unless it is something I lost:)

amy said...

ha ha! that's a good thought! i don't think he threw it away, but i guess you never know. come over any time!

Lacey said...

LOVE your couch! I'm in desperate need of a new couch! And I'm still on the hunt for my craig's list chair- no luck. I may need to borrow yours again! ;)