Friday, October 23, 2009

happy birthday rhonna >> spark event!!

happy happy birthday rhonna dear,
happy days will come to you all year.
if i had one wish then it would be,
a happy happy birthday to you from me.
(i'm not sure if i got those lyrics right)

R rockin
H hilarious & hip
O oh so fabulous
N nicely coiffed
N never a dull moment
A always doing for others

rhonna is always DOING. apart from her fabulous designs,
she runs a 1/2 marathon on her b-day, has time for her great
kids and husband, and this year she took on a HUGE, insanely cool project.
along with other talented women, she is putting on a weekend
jammed with inspiration, eye candy, designing delights, and drawing
on the power to create. it looks like i'm going!!
since i no longer work with the young women, youth conference is not an issue! (i miss those girls).

SPARK, here i come!! woohoo for an all girl weekend!
see you soon, rhonna!

**need a few easy, cool thanksgiving ideas? i was so HAPPY to see these! go here to find & print out your own place cards, gratitude lists, and/or just get inspired.


Rhonna Farrer said...

awwww, Amy, you made me cry.
thanks, sweet sis!
& I LOL at the 'nicely coiffed'. hee hee. LOVE YOU!
and SOOO excited to Spark it up wichya!

Lacey said...

I'v'e been following Rhonna and girls through House of 3!! She is amazing-you guys have a lot in common! Have fun! I was eyeing all the classes available and I would love to take that photography class! I'm upgrading cameras for my birthday...very excited!

charisse mask said...

i agree amy, rhonna is amazing! happy belated birthday rhonna. i thought of you on your bday. : ) hope it was fab.
amy, i'm so excited that you get to go to spark now. it is going to be great!