Tuesday, January 19, 2010

family weekend>> student of the week

this weekend brought visitors.

**granny and grandpa from Guatemala!!
**Rhonna, Jeff and fam from Utah!!

It was fun, fast paced, and chock full. I think we try to squeeze in as much as we can since we don't see much of each other.

we enjoyed:
park days
family potluck
cousin sleepovers!!
yummy food
good weather (I even call rain good weather. Anything beats the HEAT)
more laughing

i had too much fun visiting and didn't take any pics. darn.

and, now today mr. alex is student of the week in his class.
He's such a good boy. ** pic by cherie
A really good boy.
I dub this Alex appreciation week @ my house.
He has asked me before,
hey, let's do like charisse's family and let someone choose their favorite breakfast. Let's start with me. I choose________.
Problem is, it wouldn't be planned and he usually picked something we didn't have. Tomorrow he gets to pick breakfast. Cute boy.


Lindsay Ann said...

It sounds like you guys had so much fun with your family. I love your Valentine background. Congrats Alex!

Laura and Jimmy said...

Amy, I love visiting your blog, your pictures and your home are beautiful! You have a talent. And I'm glad you got to have so much fun with you family!!

connie s.miles said...

Sweet Alex - We are proud of you!! Student of the Week!! Way to go!!
Love, Nana & Papa