Wednesday, January 20, 2010

v-day decos>> alex's day 2

just putting the finishing touches on v-day decos. i am loving RIBBON... and pearls... and pinks... and whites... and silver... ok, ok, you get the picture.

i won this black and white paper flower wreath @ the SPARK raffle. (i added ribbons) i don't win things. ever. i was thrilled. whoever made it over @ die cuts with a view has MUCH more patience than i. each flower was hand made and it took over 12 hours! (mamma!) thank you to the fine woman who made and donated it! i love it and enjoy it every day.

as soon as alex got home yesterday, i told him the plan. he could choose one special thing each day. he told me what to write. (i volunteered for the saturday one).

tuesday: not grounded
wednesday: special breakfast
thursday: $5 to mom to buy a headband @ forever 21 (awwww...)
friday: red box of choice
saturday: mom cleans your room, dad takes you to his work to play on the football field
sunday: breakfast in bed
monday: special FHE, alex shows his school poster to the family

after the list, i decided we'd have after school snack outside on a blanket. the kids thought it was great. (why don't i do this more often?!)

this morning the kids inhaled TRIX for breakfast.


Anonymous said...

LOVE your ideas, photos, artistic abilities. . . .
But I missed a link somewhere. . .why was this week special for Alex? or is it just 'cuz.
You are a very FUN mom.

Anonymous said...

oooooops! OK, I got it. Good idea!! I just happened to miss the last post. SOWWY!

Lacey said...

I heart Forever21!