Tuesday, January 26, 2010

v-day decorating is calling to me but...

life is marching on. (i still want to add and use these on valentines cards)

and it's all good stuff. we went to check out the news-making snowfall in flagstaff saturday. it was unbelievable. really. so. much. snow. it's such a new thing for the kids. (and us)
we marveled @
* icicles hanging on everything
* men shoveling snow off the rooftops
* trees heavy with snow
* iced-over branches
*cars driving around with roofs piled 4' high with snow
*snow up to the roof eaves on some houses.
* 'burried' doors of those who hadn't shoveled yet
* random trucks/jeeps outfitted with a snow plow on the front.

and the last thing we marveled at,
HOW COLD it was! windy, icy, and cold. It really was magical.

last year when we took an impromptu trip to the snow, i grabbed my camera. lame. it snowed the whole time, the kids wouldn't get out cuz it was too cold, so i just snapped a few. but there was no light, and my camera got a bit wet. i left my camera home this time.
WHY?! i was lamenting and alex said, "mom, we will all take pictures in our heart, and if you forget this, just ask me and i will remind you how cool it was."
i got a couple on my phone before the battery died.

*busy with primary (we have 128 kids. never knew how much time it requires. i have a new respect for anyone who has served in a primary presidency!!) i am starting to get the hang of it. :)
*busy with Infusionsoft decorating. the project i'm working needs to be done by march. it will be great. it's taken a lot of time and thought.
*tonight i am speaking @ my sil kim's ward about modesty. i really like this kind of thing- and especially this topic. i present it like tlc's 'what not to wear' show. should be fun.


Anonymous said...

Love it Amy. You are the perfect specimen of latter-saint womanhood!!!

amy said...

mom, that is so classic. you are the perfect specimen of a MOM. thanks. ;)

cherie said...

how cool! love the decor and i'd LOVE to hear to talk. you will be amazing and stylish!!

Lacey said...

What a fun day trip up to Snowflake- we always stop in Heber on our way to Snowflake but last year Elodie wouldn't get out either! I was so excited to get all these snow pictures and it didn't happen! ;)

+P.S- I never leave my camera at home because when I do, I spend my whole time thinking "That would have been an awesome picture" and "WHY DID I LEAVE MY CAMERA!!!"

Good luck on speaking...I"m sure you will do awesome!

And P.S- Do those HO3 Brushes work for Photoshop Elements 6? I'm trying to convince Chris I need PS3 but well....I just got a new camera! ;) Let me know about those brushes..I have a few valentine mini sessions lined up and they would work awesome on the pictures themselves!

Lacey said...

I meant to say Flagstaff. I had Snowflake on the brain! ;)

Nancy W said...

I love all that you shared! Love your decorating! And to Lacey's question, yes you can use HO3 digital brushes in elements. Hugs from Conroe, TX!

Cassie and Chad said...

You are simply amazing!! Love your decorations and I wish I could have you speak in our ward, I bet it was awesome!!!

Jill said...

Amy, I just love all your ideas, and what a cute way to address modesty with the YW. I would have loved to have seen what you did. We might have to borrow you sometime :)

Anonymous said...
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Rhonna Farrer said...

amy. amy. amy.
you rock my world...on SO many levels.
1. LOVE your decos. so fab.
2. LOVE your photos of your decos.
3. LOVE alex & his cuteness.
4. LOVE your 'what not to wear'. hee!

you are fab. simple.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Jan said...

Amy you are just still so dang cool! Love what you are up to. Bet those primary kids and modest YW LOVE you! And what's up with your whole family being so dang artistic and creative? Tell your mom to throw some of those genes my way! Love your V-day decos and love snow too. We have TONS up here always, but I think Flagstaff may have beat us out this year! Glad the kiddos got to experience it.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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オテモヤン said...
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Auburn Soul Photography said...

your amazing. period.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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emily said...

YOU make me sick, sick sick sick. HAHA love you Sue!!

Anonymous said...
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prashant said...

You are the perfect specimen of latter-saint womanhood!!!
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Anonymous said...
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