Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the one-armed wonder/student of the week

Bailey has been known by many names. lately, this one is a favorite.

last monday she fell off her bike. she scraped her knee and held her arm out to catch her. we got her set up with a couple ice packs and i set the timer so we could see how it was in 20 minutes. our cute neighbor brought over an ace wrap and a sling for b to borrow.

not much change. no swelling, or disfigurement seen.

the next morning i made an appt. with her dr. when i went to pick up bailey from school, the sling was already tagged with friends' names, and she was smiling. big.

*dr. checked it out.
*sent us to get x-rays *STAT*
*i watched as they x-rayed
*(good, i thought, it's all in tact)
*technician orders us back to the dr's office
*(did i tell you i am not schooled in reading x-rays?)
*they actually sent us back with a HUGE x-ray in hand
*(usually the offices are 'paperless'. they made an exception)
*dr. read the x-ray b
y holding it up to the light...
*BUCKLE FRACTURE- so i guess that bump i saw wasn't supposed to be there...
*she needs a cast

bailey was worn out and in pain by now. and the reality of the situation set in. she was worried and upset, and sad that so many of her activities were being limited. and she was even student of the week!!

i thought fast.

"there is an upside to breaking your arm. in our family, you get to (think fast, amy) go to pick out a special book, and choose dinner for the night. anything you want."

she perked up.

On the menu:
Panda Express orange chicken and chow mien
and 2 Goosebumps books

the day ended with more ice and some ibuprofen for bailey.

a week later, we had the appt to cast her arm. i didn't realize they wait so long, to allow for swelling to go down.
(although there was virtually none for bailey).

we watched the princess and the frog during the process. it's actually really cool to see a cast from beginning to end. i enjoyed it. bailey was relieved that it was painless.
** bonus:
we saw 2 other casts taken off with that loud buzz
ing 'saw'. it took the fear down for bailey to see the next process we will undergo. (frame flourish on the pic found here.)

she has been such a good sport through the whole thing. and, she picked aqua for the cast. no pink for this girl.

broken bailey
busted bailey
one armed wonder

we are so lucky to have family and friends' support through this all! it made it cool for bailey to get well wishes and thoughts sent our way! thank you!!

bailey's comment after the doc told her what she can and can't do with a cast.
"so i CAN do homework, but i CAN'T do recess?! what's he tryin' to do, kill me?"


Meredith said...

Aww, poor Bailey! It sucks having a broken arm, but at least she'll have a story to tell when she gets older.

It's wierd that they wait that long. I guess if you actually break it, they try to set it & cast it quickly. At least that's what they did for me when I broke my arm when I was 4. I had 2 different casts-the huge one that goes above the elbow and the cute one, like Bailey's, that I chose purple for.

She'll have fun getting people signing it, so that's always a plus!

Rhonna Farrer said...

oh no!!!! poor Bailey girl! Sol is sad, too. He knows first hand how it is to have broken limbs! boohoo!

we love you, B! hang in there!
R & fam

Lindsay Ann said...

We are so sorry to hear you broke your arm. At least you can say now what it's like to have a cast! Hope it heals quickly!

Yvette said...

Poor Bailey I'm glad they finally got her in! My daughter would have picked something other than pink also. Pink is a bad color right now

Yvette said...

P.S. Bailey's hair looks really cute also.

Dee said...

I know this sounds crazy but I totally wanted to break my arm in elementary school! Ooohhhh the drama!! A CAST..swoon!! Never happened dang it!