Thursday, April 1, 2010

april fool's breakfast

we ate the traditional strawberry shortcake for breakfast. we celebrate april fool's day backwards, so we eat dessert FIRST. :)

when adam got to the table, he asked:
we're eating strawberry shortcake?
me: yes!
well, where's the FACE?

(the doll...)

more pics to follow.

'celebrate' embellishment found here and corner flourish found here. This has got to be the funnest kit ever invented! There are over 100 brushes, and billions of outcomes once you start to play!!! love it...


Yvette said...

At 1st I didn't get it. It takes me awhile I guess. That's hilarious that he thought it was the doll.

Rhonna Farrer said...

!yad sdrawkcab yppah


Anonymous said...

TOTALLY A*MAZING!! I love that you go to all that trouble for your kids. OK-- so I know it's really not "TROUBLE" trouble and some may even call it FUN! But what a fun childhood they have with a MOM like you! Awesome pourig teapot. Fun confetti eggs for A. Fools!! And I love that Adam thought he would be eating a DOLL! I bet he needed a point of reference-- if he could somehow make out the face, then maybe he could "see" the doll!! HILARIOUS!!

Anonymous said...

AND. . . . I forgot to say, that the white flower-sculptured tea pot is ta DIE for! Plus I love the polka-dots! da dishes look so springy!!