Wednesday, April 7, 2010

family room

we finally got the mantle shelf up. i enjoy it (so much) more on the wall, than rotting on my bedroom floor. ok, it wasn't rotting.

a new surface. what a delight.

now there is a place for our family pic(s)! thanks again, cherie. i love them.


Jana said...

when we moved into our condo, it didn't have any mantle, either. Once we finally put one up, I swear it made me like my entire house 75% more. It's amazing what a difference it makes to have a showcase for your seasonal faves! :)

Anonymous said...

It is scrump-dillyump-tious!!!! Love it. MOM

RPH said...

Love that family picture. So cute and creative.

I wish you lived closer, my house could use a little more personality. You always have the neatest stuff!

Rhonna Farrer said...

mmmm. so amy*licious~