Thursday, April 29, 2010

Infusion Project~ The Street/Park

i love how this turned out.

client's wishes for this space:
*meeting area
*facilitate brainstorm sessions
*writing surfaces
*3 separate seating areas
*carry on the Infusion brand (sleek, modern, glass)

*carry on outside/ store front theme
*black awning, windows, faux park avenue brick facade
*use 4x8 panes of glass as 'white board' writing surfaces
*arrange couches and chairs for seating areas
* long tables with meeting chairs to arrange as needed (not pictured)
*tailored greenery keeps it sleek


Rhonna Farrer said...

um. can i just say YOU ROCK????
you do.
it IS in all the details & I LOVE seeing all of your hard work paying off in such a FAB company!
bravo, my dear stylist.

who DOESN"T need YOU as a stylist!?


Anonymous said...

So amazing, Aim!! Just love it ALL! Yeah, who doesn't need you a stylist. Whoever THINKS they don't, hasn't a clue what they are missing!!! You make everything and everybody you touch absolutely FAN*TAB-U-LOUS!!

charisse mask said...

wow! amy this is to die for! great job! you are simply amazing!! btw, thanks for letting bailey come over tonight. we had fun with her. she is such a sweet heart. the girls had a blast swimming. we heated the jacuzzi and they wanted to swim even though it was freezing outside! love ya.

Lindsay Ann said...

you da bomb! You can decorate my house anytime!

the DeCampos Family said...

Why aren't use doing this on a regular basis?
You are a fabulous designer.
What would you charge to design my house?
Too perfect!!

Rhonna Farrer said...

hey this is tal, did u design that!!!!!! U R ABSOLUTELY AMAZING
luv ya TONS!!! :)