Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Infusion Project ~ Fusebucks Cafe'

as you can see from the before pics, this is a huge, kind of

warehouse space. it's all one huge room.

client's wishes for this particular space:
*give it character
*have it double as a cool waiting room for visitors
*keep it sleek and modern

* first thing's first, have a 4 foot high (Infusion) red stripe painted around the entire open area, 15 feet up, to 'bring down' the ceiling and unite the space
*choose awnings to make it look like an outdoor cafe type setting
*visitors plug in laptops while they wait at the stainless steel counter
*sleek pub tables and stools
*massage chairs under the window make an awesome waiting area
*popcorn anyone?

thanks for the after pics, cherie!


charisse mask said...

Wow! That looks so great! I can't wait to go down and see it in person.

Anonymous said...

Amy, it looks SOOOOOOOOOOO good!! What a differnce! You are awesome.

Jami Baker said...

WOW is right!! You are a miracle worker!! They definitely made the right choice asking you to fix it up!! Love it!!!

Rhonna Farrer said...

hory cow.u r soooooo fab! wow!!!! xoxo

AMBER said...

Good Job AMY!

linda said...

Amy you are amazing!