Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Infusionsoft Project ~library

do you remember this project? i think i've mentioned it before. it's the decor project i took on last september. it's such a cool place, with an electric vibe to it. did i mention it has it's own football field and half court basketball inside?? so much potential in the office space alone!

the project took on a life of its own.
i was the project manager. a job complete with new cement ramp (to code) and designing the front desk from the ground up. somewhere in there, (Dec. 7th) this space was added to the project. i think it's my favorite.

as a whole it was the most rewarding job (and hardest) i have ever taken. for some reason, i just felt like i needed to take it. it wasn't necessarily the monetary compensation, but the experience that made it alluring. i feel like i grew leaps and bounds. i wrestled, brainstormed, bounced ideas off mom, researched, an
d then had many 'angels' help me put it all together. i can now say i'm happy with the result.
i want to look back room by room and show pictures of the evolution.

this room
clients wishes:
*make it a library
*double as a mtg.
*final stop on the company tour
*repaint the off-red to 'Infusion Red'
*incorporate the free books they give to visitors

*paint walls 'platinum grey' (brilliant idea, mom!!) stop fighting the existing charcoal grey trim and doors
*paint the one wall Infusion Red (turns out it's pantone 200)
*add quotes from the client's favorite books in metallic silver vinyl
*ikea backless bookshelves
*awesome {craigslist} pottery barn couches facing each other to create a cozy mtg. space
*add chairs that can be 'pulled up' to the meeting area when needed
*lush black carpet and pillows to soften the room and add punch
*frame Infusionsoft newspaper & mag. articles and awards in silver frames and hang on grey wall (not pictured)
*frame paraphernalia labeled as 'Infusion Firsts' and mount on wall ~ flash drive, brochures, add campaigns, pamphlets, beat the recession kits, etc. (not pictured)

thanks for the awesome after pics, cherie!!
(and for a spoiler, go here for more awesome pics)


Melis said...

Suh-weet, Aim! And... uh... perfect timing! LOL!

connie s.miles said...

WOW!!!! I'm IMPRESSED!! of course i always am - with you!

The Masters Family said...

The rooms look really great. I would recommend you to any business!


Rhonna Farrer said...

LOVE!!!! the b4 & aftah is so fun to see.

job WELL done, my sweet!