Monday, May 17, 2010

farewell to spring

i am in mourning.

the cool days of spring are headed out. (and so is my spring decor, but i'm not mourning about that).

i do have to say that spring was good to us this year.

just last week we were enjoying the weather at the park. the breeze was perfect.

it's time to say hello to:

100+ degrees
dripping sweat
kids that smell like puppy dogs after 1 minute outside
getting in to a baking hot car when you are out and about
a heat that's so intense, i just want to stay inside or be in the pool. nowhere else.
feeling the sun's burning rays at 5:30 pm
house windows and doors that MUST stay closed

but with the bad comes the good:
lots of fresh fruit
kids are home
popsicles and smoothies
vacations (get me out of this heat!)
family fun
a more relaxed schedule
memories to be made

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Anonymous said...

I'm lovin' the plethora of posts on your blog today and photography is bee-YOU-tee-ful!