Wednesday, May 5, 2010

adam's bad foot

the party:
i was helping out with a fun mother daughter activity. it was rockin' the old school and it was a fun night. we were to come dressed as we did when we were our daughter's age!
i had the
black leggings,
lace pink skirt,
big bangs and side pony.
side pony
light jean jacket, collar up
vintage (my actual) charm necklace
and pegged jeans

we didn't get the greatest pictures though. i think this is the best picture of the night.
this mother and daughter duo rocked it!! i was explaining to bailey what the black plastic bracelets were, and yvette came sporting them. right on, yvette!

the interruption:
At around 8:30, 5 minutes after i took this picture, garrett ran in and said i needed to come home. now.
then he sad something about dropping a huge glass and ran out.
oh no.
i asked a friend to bring home my photo props and we ran out the door.

the homecoming:
when b and i got home, we could hear crying inside as we opened the door.
a trail of blood lead us to the front ro
adam was laying still on the couch, crying, with a bloodied towel around his leg.

i quickly surveyed.
gar was in the kitchen with the shop
brownie, glass, and blood were all over my kitchen floor.
there were glass pieces everywhere!!
i felt a little nauseated.

i started asking adam questions and comforting him.
no one had answers.
i was getting a bit frustrated.

then i opened the towel and was surprised to see a small cut on adam's ankle.
it seemed so little to have produced so m
uch blood.
once we got him cleaned up, he was fine.
gar ran to walgreens for gauze and an ace bandage.
(while he was gone, alex stepped on a piece of glass and started crying.
i got it out and comforted him.)
he picked up popsicles, mac and cheese dinners
, and root beer in a glass bottle.
(it was kinda like dumb and dumber, "just the necessities")
adam was thrilled.

the story:
adam climbed on the counter to get himself a glass of apple juice.
on the way down, his foot knocked a (15 x 10) pyrex pan of brownies.
the glass exploded on the floor and shot a piece into adam's foot.
(how lucky that was the only piece!! it could hav
e been so much worse.)
the only part of the story that is relevant for adam:
he got apple juice all by himself. (he's a 3 year old, he doesn't quite get the fatal
flaws in the story). we had a discussion about getting apple juice. with help. without climbing on the counter.

adam fell asleep. exhausted.
amy fell asleep. exhausted.

i wake up to crying.
alex's foot is hurting. i run my finger over the foot and there is still a teeny piece in
his foot. (?!?) gar is late for work. alex is late for school because gar is extracting the piece of glass from his foot.

i planned to take adam in, but had a couple meetings.
we left early from the last meeting and went to urgent care.

the intervention:
i asked them to x-ray since there was bruising and swelling.
nothing broken.
the swelling and bruising is from blood clots.

the dr. then squeezes out blood clots. a lot.
(feeling queasy)
topical anesthetic
local anesthetic
adam screaming
me holding him down, trying to give comfort
dr. starts to stitch it
adam screaming and kicking
i'm trying to hold him
dr. clips stitches
tapes the cut and wraps it with a TON of gauze and an ace.

i tell the
doc i'm worried about blood clots later.
he tells me to come back at 6.

adam's foot bleeds a TON. it soaks the gauze
and ace.
DQ run. that's the ONLY way i got adam to go in to urge
nt care. a DQ is right next door. thank heaven!

i ask gar to come home so we can
o back together. maybe i can learn something from the doc this time.

the return:
the dr. looks at it.
re dresses it.
we ask questions
why so much blood?
it cut a vein.
why no stitches?
the vein needed to bleed out
and it will reconnect itself
could we have avoided the clot had we come in last night?
no, and if they'd stitched it then, we would have had to come back to have it drained.
how would we have known to come bac
we probably wouldn't have known

he gives us dressing for the next 3 days and big bandaids for a few days after that.
we're out.

a week later i change it to this bandaid.
it's closing more each day. but still blood.

adam refers to it as his 'bad foot'.
you touched my bad foot.
dad, you almost crashed into my bad foot.
hey, that's my bad foot!!
mom, bailey looked at my bad foot!


Lacey said...

AW man! That is crazy! I hope he gets back on his feet soon! It's crazy how something so little can cause so much!!!

Love that picture of Yvette and Shea! SO cute!

Becky said...

WOW! That is awful! Poor little guy.

Anonymous said...

Aim, you are an amazing story teller. Glad to finally get ALL the detes. Thanks. Give Adam hugs for us. Probby should have sent himk a movie "care package" too. didn't know it was that bad!!

Rhonna Farrer said...

wow...great story. sorry it was so traumatic for everyone.
hugs to you all! love u tons.

Yvette said...

For a week or so I've been clicking on this and it said The post on Adam's bad foot is not available.
I like the picture you took of us also. Can I steal it?
As for Adam's foot I still can't believe you brought him to my sons birthday party and pushed him around in the stroller so he could be apart of everything. You're awesome!