Friday, September 3, 2010

hittin' the books

adam came to me the other night and said
mom, homework is books.
and then he smiled and raised his eyebrows like he had let me in on a little-known secret.
he took my hand and we walked in to his room to look at his full bookshelves. he showed me his favorites.

the other morning i was getting ready for the day. adam was standing next to me looking in the mirror. he mumbled something under his breath. as my arm raised mid-tease, i realized he was practicing being a punk. i caught the last part of what he was saying. yeah, das what i fought. holding back laughter i had a little talk with him about saying nice words and making friends.

today at the dr's office we waited and waited and waited. after a while adam whispered in my ear:
when the dr. comes in~ i'm taking him down.


Rhonna Farrer said...

bwwahhaaa!!!!! love that kid like he's my own! squeeze him for me, k?

& the A-man....hope he feels better soon, poor fella....he's tough...but give him a hug from the cuz'es!

Kimbo said...

omgosh hil*ARIOUS!!!!

Anonymous said...

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