Friday, August 20, 2010

happy birthday papes!!

Dad 101

All you really need to know about dad.

this is a pretty easy course since 3 words can describe this man.

remember these three and you've aced this class.

1. Teach

2. Serve

3. Love

You can find some more info here.

Rhonna's birthday tribute to dad.

good. now you're ready to read on.


Dad 202 - "classic dad"

there are different layers to this man. let's dig a little deeper.

("hugs, kisses, and tickles" ... and popsicles)

1. doing funny things for the benefit of kids/grandkids

you haven't lived till you've seen dad do the 'curly shuffle'. so dad. (the spirit of #1 is what inspired me to do this with adam.)

2. find ways to make things fun for the kids/grandkids

dad's been known to give out candy or one dollar bills in this case. when we were little, dad decided to take lava rock out of the front yard. we threw each piece into the garbage. dad said we should try to make a little game out of it and try to make a basket each time. then we got popsicles.

3. he's just got that look

when dad received a piece of news that wasn't pleasing he would stop whatever it was that he was doing. his face would go very somber and he would just look straight ahead. (classic dad would be eating a piece of plain ww bread while he got the news. each of us kids can do a pretty mean impression of this one).

4. dad likes the water. pool, water parks, beach, lake, spa, Pool

dad took us kids swimming. he takes the grandkids swimming. we all have done 'doo-tee-doo and love it. the pool is where dad's phrase was coined. "one more, no more". (as an adult, i totally get the power of that phrase with kids. thanks dad, it's pure gold.)


dad loves six flags and water, so this is a match made in heaven for him.

i still remember dad going down the 8 story bonsai slide when we stayed in palm springs. i wish i'd had a camera for that one. jeff, are you with me?


dad likes to just hang out on the beach. talk, eat, swim a bit. (totally my style)


dad likes to look at Lake Atitlan and enjoy the picturesque quality. other lakes are cool too.


"i'm gong to the spa" is a phrase i heard a million times growing up. i imagined that he was going to a big jacuzzi and wondered what you do there. sounded kinda boring. spa= the gym. but to dad it was the spa, cuz that's what ended his work out each time; at times it was the main course. now he goes and sits, reads, makes friends with whoever is there, and just enjoys the warm water. and of course he has his black berry in case someone has an emergency or needs to get a hold of him.

to know the man is to love the man.

join me next year for dad 302.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Amy Suzy. Fun and wonderful. Great birthday present! Love you lots.

charisse mask said...

Yes, Happy Birthday DAD. Amy, you did a great job describing DAD. He is wonderful. I am so blessed to be apart of this family. Loved the pics and stories. Have a great one DAD!!

Rhonna Farrer said...

you NAILED this, Amy! LOVE IT!
all of it...

happy bday DAD...we LOVE You so much!

RPH said...

Love this post. Your dad is so great.

Cassie and Chad said...

Seriously what a great man you have as your dad!!! What an awesome tribute to an amazing person. He is definitely one of my top 5 heros in my life. Happy Birthday Brother Mask!