Friday, September 17, 2010

barnes and noble and a broken arm

dear mom~

thanks for taking me to barnes & noble after we found out i broke my arm. and thanks for letting me get the lego set i really wanted. i didn't find a book i liked best. not today.

i'm glad you had pennies for the fountain. thanks for waiting while i took a few phone calls from concerned grandparents and others.

lunch was great. i liked going just the two of us. when we get home can we start to build my new lego house? there are 536 pieces, so let's hurry home, k?

~love alex

dear alex~

it was all a pleasure! (well, except for the part about the broken arm). you are such a good kid. you have the kindest heart, the smartest brain, and the sweetest way about you. one word that describes you perfectly is GENUINE.

mom and dad love you and think the world of you.

~love mom

PS we sure rocked the lego house, didn't we?!? it was a fun family project. thanks for choosing it.


Nancy W said...

What an adorable post! Hope his arm heels quickly :) Love the lego house too! hugs from Texas!

Rhonna Farrer said...

amy, you just plain, stinkin' amaze me!!!!!
LOVE this post. you are the cutest mom.
& alex is the cutest litter boy. love him to pieces!

Connie Miles said...

Alex on the phone is a miniature Garrett on the phone!! Love the love letters!!

amy said...

agreed! alex paces on the phone just like gar! he's a mini g.

Yvette said...

Sorry about Alex's arm. He is such a cute boy. I loved being with him in scouts. He was so excited and curious about everything. He was also very respectful, sat still and listened to everything we said.