Saturday, September 18, 2010

circus birthday

what to do when you are scheduled to be out of town on your 4 year old's b-day. (besides cry)
husband's b-day is 3 days later.

celebrate both together, when you return.
*realize the banners from SPARK would go with the circus theme you were thinking of doing.
*ask for a couple delightful paper banners during SPARK clean-up & incorporate anywhere you possibly can. (on napkins- 4 and A for adam, streamers for balloons...)
(thanks, rhonna, you saved me. you sewed with love, i used with love. ;) )
*use the Target summer plates & napkins in my sideboard
*find on Etsy some vintage circus posters, purchase for $3 and print, print, print
*buy some mini hand bells from hobby lobby cuz adam says "they're just my size."
*use Home Goods gift card (thanks cherie!!) and buy striped cloth napkins on clearance
*grab kid's toys from the boys' room to sprinkle here and there
*blow up balloons
*grab the party hat and cupcakes from "party bin" in closet
*invite nana and papa for pizza and snow cones (thanks for the snow cone machine, kim!!)

2nd on his birthday list that alex helped write: a big "A"


Connie Miles said...

Adorable Photos! Adorable Party! So much FUN!! Thanks for inviting us!!

cherie said...

you are a master party thrower, amy! looks phenomenal!

Rhonna Farrer said...

YOu are A*mazing!!!
love these pix. love how it all came together.
LOVE that A!
Love it all! & his faces are FAn*tAstic!
I'm LOL!

Anonymous said...

I'm speechless! Rh___ took the (only) words right out of my mouth. YOU ARE A*MAZING!!!

Nancy W said...

Amy these are amazing photos and the bday decor is amazing!! hugs from texas!!

Jana said...

you are so great.
will you decorate for MY next birthday?