Tuesday, September 28, 2010

spark~ felting

the scarf felting class was a new concept for me.

we had this amazing teacher, emily~ from australia. her accent is heavenly.

she showed baskets of freshly shorn, hand dyed wool~ straight from the hillsides australia. she knows the lady who dyes it. (she says you can find it online). she showed us a felted bead necklace (that her 7-year-old daughter made!!) and lots of scarves she made herself.

we each got to choose a baggie of dyed wool and went back to our spot on the floor. she taught us to make a scarf (or headband), and beads. it's so soft to touch, there's nothing like it!!

1. pull it apart

2. wet it in a bowl of warm (soapy) water

3. arrange on your bubble wrap building the design of your choice
(or roll into beads in the color of your choice.)

the kicker:
as long as the edges of your design are touching, they will mat together in the felting process to make a scarf (or whatever you choose to make). how cool is that? shelle and i felt like it was magic~ almost too good to be true.

4. roll. put another layer of bubble wrap on top, then a towel and you roll it up together like a jelly roll. roll, roll, roll for 15 or 20 minutes.
there are other ways to do this, but this is the way we learned.

i really liked this video for beginner felters.

thank you to emily for sharing her talent with us. i want to do this with my kids. they would love the "soggy water" part (as emily says it). it's like playing with mud. but not as messy. :)

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Rhonna Farrer said...

mmmmm. so so soooo scrumptious!
LOVE how you showed the steps & the other Sparks' creations...simply deevine!
Yes, Emily IS amazing for sharing this....& I can't wait to see what creations YOU come up with!
have fun!