Friday, September 24, 2010

tea party ~ spark style


i was invited to help decorate a tea party for all 56 young women.

it was so much fun seeing the girls again, although i didn't get around to talk to all of them. i miss those girls!!


it was a fun night full of friends, visiting, homemade lemonade, bite sized delights, and low light to set the mood.


each table was set differently. we used white table cloths and then had a pop of color in the middle with different colored toppers. the ladies had tea pots for each table, and a tea cup and saucer for each girl. it was so cute. (thanks for the silver platters, mom!)


i use these 4x6 photo stands for EVERYTHING. since i only have 4, my wonderful mother in law lent me her 4 as well. thanks connie!! each held 2 quotes~ so there is no 'back' to this centerpiece. i borrowed the darling lollies cherie made for an event she helped decorate. the perk, i lent her my linens and things for her party (the same linens i would use for this) so i knew they would match. score. and thanks cherie!


this couldn't have been any more fun!! i had monday morning to figure out signage. as i'm checking e-mail, my sister sends me the file she had created for the SPARK signs!! add this to the SPARK kit i got while attending spark, and i had the whole thing figured out. all her signs run vertical, so i just used the SPARK kit to make some (really quick) horizontal quotes that went with the theme. they all came from this talk. sent them to costco, and voila. (except i had a beef with the color they came out, but that's another story. wish i was close to persnickety's. i love their color!!!) the best part, both kits are for sale now!! i'm so happy. i was drooling over the SPARK signs the whole time, wishing i could use every. single. sign. what a party. i love it,rhonna! thx.

***since the lighting is rough in the church, oak cabinets fill a wall, oak doors fill another, and the chairs are burgundy, i followed suit and set up a small sampling outside my house. all in the name of trying to get a good photo.


Connie Miles said...

Love IT!!

Connie Miles said...
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Yvette said...

that turned out beautiful! You're so talented!

Anonymous said...

You NEVER cease to amaze me!!!!!

Lacey said...


Rhonna Farrer said...


LOVE this. love the photos. love the elements. love the accents. love the way you used the spark kit!
you are so dang sparky!