Monday, February 14, 2011

valentines cookies

for lunch i'd heated up some lentil soup i'd made a few days ago.

me: adam, do you want some?
adam: no. it's bisgusting.
me: adammm.
adam: i mean, it's gross.
me: silent, lifting an eyebrow.
adam: i mean, no thank you. mommy.

saturday mom came over and we made heart sugar cookies together. it was fun to apron-up and have some time to relax and bake together. Bailey rounded out the multi-generational bake-athon.

i remember my granny baking. and making fudge. a
nd making mints. and home-made ice cream. and all sorts of sweet delights. and her hands look just like mom's. (except they must have been shorter, since she was 4'9").

remember being just below counter height. i would reach my arm up on her washer/dryer and snag a few mints or whatever was laid there cooling or drying or waiting for consumption.
it was a perfect spot for her to un-pan her creations. because of the two entrances, it made for a butler's pantry for her, and a quick get-away for me.

we made great memories at my granny and grandpa's house. i hope that the few times we get together with mom and dad make just as sweet memories for my kids.

it's the little things.


Connie Miles said...

I love this!! So sweet!

Rhonna Farrer said...

*sniff sniff*
i miss you.
& her.
& her.
happy BALEMTIME"S day!

Anonymous said...

That was fun, huh. One note however. Granny G was 4'10 1/2" and she would tell everyone she was 4'11", so I'm sure she would not be too happy about you tellin the world she was 4'9" :)