Tuesday, February 15, 2011

on chocolates and love

adam on chocolate~

adam takes a bite of a chocolate cupcake and slowly rolls his eyes up, as if to say: this is heaven.
me: hey adam, do you like chocolate?
adam: yes.
me: what does it say to you?
adam: it says, i love you, adam.

alex on brotherly love~

me (at the dinner table): guys, dad's going to be late tonight. he had a rough day at work. so we need to clean dinner up asap, sweep and mop before he gets home. and please be nice to each other.

adam: i could get in my underwear, you can get in your night gown, alex in his pj's and bailey in her pj's, and we could all hide in your bed. when dad comes in, we yell "happy new year!!" .

alex: adam, that's the dumbest thing i've ever heard.

me: alex, beee niiice.

alex: adam, that just might work.

* my friend aimee took this cute pic while she watched adam for my dr. appointment! it melts my heart.


Connie Miles said...

I can't stop laughing!!

Katie said...

Aren't boys great? This is a new discovery for me. I'm sorry your husband has late nights and hard days, though. We're learning a lot about those these days, too.

Katie said...
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Ali said...

so great! Adam and I (and chocolate) speak the same language!

theadomber said...
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