Thursday, March 31, 2011

April Fools Eve

the kids and i spent a good 1/2 hour laughing our heads off at the jokes we could play tomorrow. at one point i was crying and couldn't breathe without snorting. i'm such a kid.

we were thinking of what we could give the kids' friends at school- and what funny saying we would attach to the little bag.

bailey wanted to give a piece of chocolate candy that was smashed with a hammer.

then i had an idea that involved inviting the kids' friends over for a party. i would frost the 2 layer cake i baked and when they were all gathered around the table, ready to partake, i would slam my fist down on the cake, ruining the whole thing. then we would scoop up and plate what was left.

alex wants to give the pb cookie dough i have in the fridge that's in logs, roll it in peanuts and chocolate chips and give it to his teacher. or a friend. i laughed along with him. it was part of the game. he won't get off that one. and he's ticked that i won't go through with it. he has all kinds of sayings to go with it.

it went on like that for a while. each kid would laugh hard, and then say, "no, no what about this one..." and then die laughing at their ingenuity. alex would start every idea with, "you know how tomorrow's april fools? and the stores will be full of all types of practical jokes?... " most of them were the same theme, with small tweaks. but they would still present it as a new idea and laugh their heads off.

adam's were especially good.

since dad was still at work, a lot of them involved pranking him.
we'll see what tomorrow brings.


Rhonna Farrer said...

I'm LOL just reading this cuz I can hear your contagious laugh!!!
love the snorting...
I"m laughing now!!!
love you!!!

Connie Miles said...

Amy! Your kids are so lucky to grow up in your family!! You are creating such wonderful memories for them! And for me too - just reading about them! Thank you so much!

(and this is NO joke) said...
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