Friday, March 25, 2011

smells like heaven

i have said it before, and i'll say it again. an italian restaurant is behind our house a ways, and it kills me. this morning at 9 i walked outside to wait with adam for his carpool. as i waited, i smelled the delightful aromas. namely olive oil, onion, tomato & basil. (sometimes i smell peperoncino too, but not today).

they had started their sauce. i swear i feel like a smoker looks when i see them take the first drag. ** inhale**, and the world is right again. (i'm not sure it was ever wrong, but that's beside the point).

that smell just sends me. first, it transports me immediately to italy. i'm walking the streets in the am smelling the different lunches that are already simmering away. we play a guessing game as to what was cooking as we walked by.

second, i want to start cooking away at my house. anything really. just cook. or even bake.

darn this nesting thing. i'm off to bake fresh blueberry muffins and the best big fat chewy chocolate chip cookies. dinner prep can wait.


Heidi said...

I. Miss. Italy.

Like, just about everyday.

Connie Miles said...

I miss Italy. And I've never even been there!

Katie said...

I love the what's cooking game! I do it with the Italian restaurant behind my kids' dance studio.

Rhonna Farrer said...

mmmmmm....sounds heabenly.
love you!!!!
you, litter nester, you!

linda said...

I so want to go to Italy and just eat the whole time. I love Italian food! Hope your feeling well!