Tuesday, March 15, 2011


12 weeks from tomorrow chick number 4 comes to our nest, so i'm adding feathers like crazy.

i remember when nesting meant painting a room for baby, choosing decorations, filing a closet with diapers, clothes and supplies, setting up a crib, changing station , and nursing station.

no such thing is happening here. there's not even a crib. both a girl room and a boy room have been established. a bassinet will stand next to my bed, a changing pad will top my dresser, we'll grab a package of diapers the night before i go to the hospital, and welcome baby when he comes. he will nap/sleep (undisturbed by siblings) the remainder of his infant days in a pack n play in my nice, quiet closet. when he's old enough the pack n play will be moved to the boys room and then he will use a trundle under the boys' bunk bed. done.

nesting this time around is two fold.
1. organize/purge= make room for baby
2. prepare food

i cleaned out all the hall closets, the laundry 'room', the master bed room and bailey's closet last week. and the kids' dressers.

where is the sense in a costco size package of toilet paper sitting in my hall in front of the "storage closet" because the storage closet is full of decorations, table cloths, and some food/living storage? now the tp is neatly stowed and the other crap has been banished. the past few days, i've been guilty of standing in front of the newly organized space admiring my handy work.

our community is having a yard sale saturday which is making it easier to purge. all the work is done for us, i just have to put the stuff out.

on to the cooking and baking. we finally got a deep freeze and i am happily filling it with dinners for when the baby comes and i am recovering in bed. last night's chili went in this morning. closer to the baby's arrival i will bake cornbread into muffins and freeze those to go with. lots of stuff to add. i just make double which leaves one dinner to eat and one to freeze.

oh yeah, # 3 would be the stock-piling of activities for the 3 kids to do while i'm recovering. any ideas?


Rhonna Farrer said...

12 weeks????
Ay yay yay!!!!
wow! loved reading this.
i gotta get all the crap outta my house, too.

jeff is inviting you to come up to get out of the heat & bring the baby!
he's sooo baby hungry!


Yvette said...

I say yay to 12 weeks too! Planning for #4 is so much more practical than 1st don't ya think. Good job on the organizing and food planning. That's going to pay off big in the Summer when everyones home.

the DeCampos Family said...

I say you stock up some dinners for me too!! jk
And i'll send my kids to your house and you and the babe can come to my house and we can both get some rest!!! so does that mean I have 11 weeks left?? i don't even know. I am horrible at this #4 too!