Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patrick's Day~~ in reverse

a day that ends with frappe's can never be a bad one.

i still remember the grey frosted dessert dishes i held to drink my first frappe. yum! as a kid the dishes seemed to make the drink more fancy. so today i served them in tall stemmed glasses.

before the frappe's we ate a dinner of green grapes and cabbage, potatoes, corn and ground beef. it was as irish as i could get, plus mom used to make it and it's called "easy cabbage dinner" at her house. garrett actually loves the stuff and had 3rds or 4ths, which is a never for him. and the table was still set from breakfast. (side note- adam is crazy sensitive to smells. he walked into the kitchen as i sauteed the shredded cabbage in the wok. he had his cute hand over his mouth and nose and yelled, "what you making?! i'm
gonna puke!" and started to cry. after
10 minutes we did settle him down. he didn't get a frappe unless he ate some potatoes and ground beef (turkey). we picked out the cabbage for him.)

earlier in the day, we dropped by our cousins' house and kim had quite the spread going. there were:
leprechaun games
shamrock deco's
green veggies with green dip
green rice krispie treats & RC treats made with Lucky Charms
rainbow cupcakes
pot o' gold jello
trampoline games of leprechaun tricks
green edamame eating contest (Bailey will never eat another soy bean as long as she lives. each participant gagged few times and some dry heaved. good times. it was the perfect thing for pre-teenage boys!!)
and lots of running and playing in the grass
it was a cool day!

St. Patrick's day during spring break makes it so much fun. it was a day the kids won't soon forget. and years from now they'll say, "member when you used to make frappe's?" "and kim would throw those parties?" like it was a regular occurrence.


Connie Miles said...

So AWESOME!!! Kids have such a fun time growing up in your home!! Love it!!

Anonymous said...

Yep, Amy. Yer da best!!

Becky said...

Is that your house and decor??? I it! Next year we will make a note to stop by your house for st patties day!