Thursday, March 24, 2011

intuition- berlin sky

it's been a long time coming. gar and ken finished their 3rd album and thanks to ken's hard, work, it's up and running.

i love garret's voice and could listen to it all day. i swear it's magic.

give it a listen here.

"berlin sky" and "last night" are my favorites, (and "truth". i love the part where gar sampled richard nixon's famous words... oh yeah, and "don't cry") but i dig all of 'em.

the kids have fun with it.

it's a favorite for loud listening while we do our saturday jobs around the house.

alex: hey mom, could you print out a picture for me so i can take it to school?

me: yeah, what do you want printed? and what's it for?

alex: i want one of the ones where dad's in germany on tour. i told the kids at school (& my teacher) i'd bring it today.

bailey was student of the week and chose to put pictures of gar singing on her poster. and she said her dad was a rock star. (i guess it's cooler to write that than 'my dad is director of sales for a software company, or he's an accountant, etc) as i was reading the letters each kid wrote to her, almost all of them asked questions about gar and if he was famous in germany. we had a good laugh over it.

adam just likes singing along and dancing to it.

at our home, gar most definitely is a rockstar!!


Connie Miles said...

Oh yeah! He's a rock star!!

Rhonna Farrer said...

at our home, too!
we are HUGE Intuition fans!
Gar IS a rockstar...& you're his groupie!