Monday, May 23, 2011

2 weeks and 2 days left...

i had miss b snap this picture last night since i am almost done and there is not one picture of my pregnant belly.

so in 2 more weeks i will
*only look 5 months pregnant instead of 8.5 months.
*trade swollen ankles for a swollen chest.
*have my mom HOME to help me!!
*hold a sweet little baby in my arms.
*have a house full of kids home for the summer
*trade (me) peeing through the night for feeding & changing (baby) through the night
*trade the discomfort of a huge belly for that of a c-section incision
*have a sweet little thing here in the home~ a someone for everyone in the family to ooh and ahh over, to cuddle & love, to squish & nuzzle, to watch and wonder.

i can't wait.

i keep getting the same question, you're still wearing heels?!?

and the answer is still yes.

i am pushing 5'2" for heaven's sake. heels are a must.


Connie Miles said...

You look GREAT Ames!! Thanks for taking this pic so little Enzo will know that he wasn't adopted. ;)

Melis said...

8.5 months pregnant... still wearing hills, skinny capri's... AND ROCKIN' 'EM! Aim, you look amazing! Love you tons! See you soon! Yay!

Melis said...

hills! lol!


Ali said...

Seriously - you look sooooo great! I couldn't believe it when i saw you at your shower - you really don't look 8.5 months pregnant. Exciting times!!

amy said...

thanks guys!

bwahha... melis believe me, i'm rocking the HILLs too. ;) could my chest grow any more? not fun.

Nancy W said...

You look amazing! Hugs Spark sister!

Rhonna Farrer said...

awwww, my cute, cute seester.

you are gorgeous! love your belly.
love your hills! *wink*
love everything about you!

Becky said... more standing next to you! You make me look like a mammoth :) You are so tiny, I am wondering how the baby fits in there!

the DeCampos Family said...

Too cute!! Can't wait to meet him. And that pillow, you could totally make, since you are fabulous like that.

Cassie and Chad said...

Oh my look like one of those girls in the magazine or maternity Gap ad that don't really even look pregnant. You have a tiny little belly, tiny little legs and are so stylish...You are too cute!!! Good luck and I wish I looked like that NOW and my babies are 4 months old!!! :-) Love ya Ame!

Lacey said...

CUTE! You totally rock the heels!