Monday, May 23, 2011

closet chaos to closet bliss

(almost) not kidding, i was this close to developing an eye twitch because of the boys' closet. this was ONE month after i purged and re-organized it. i knew i needed bins that were ALL the same size or color, or it would never work. i measured the space, found the bins and was ready to purchase...

dang ikea was out of stock on the bins i needed to get the job done.

so i waited...

and waited...

and waited...

and finally monday am of last week i checked the stock, and they were in!! hallelujah.
quick trip to ikea.

here is the after.

alex's scout shirts are all that i hang up. (the boys church clothes are in my closet. i was tired of finding them wadded up on the floor~ often still on the hanger. and the "special school papers" and boys' treasures were over flowing the top shelf. now there is a place/bin for it all.
even the clothes the boys will grow into.

before & after

each boy has his own shelf with a row of bins.

a box for library books we will be borrowing this summer.

before & after

organized the boys school papers and treasures.

(and two BIG empty boxes to store all of the summer games/books/puzzles i have stashed for the summer.)

they were so proud of the new organization & wanted to pose for the camera.

too cool.


Connie Miles said...

A place for everything and everything in its place. And I love how everything is labeled. I really need to do that too.

Nancy W said...

Looks great and the boys are so cute!!!

Rhonna Farrer said...

soooo cool, Ame! love the organization....but, mostly LOVE those proud boys! xox
you are a good mama.

jamie said...

i want your new closet!

Laura and Jimmy said...

WOW.. that is impressive!!!