Saturday, September 22, 2007

birthday boys

last week was birthday week for adam and garrett. some of the highlights for adam:
new big-boy car seat!
cars, balls, books and a pirate ship!
cake with the cousins and nana & papa
and the # 1 highlight of his week...
he took his first steps!! 7 adorably wobbly steps!

highlights for Gar included:
dinner @ cheesecake with his team and friends
outback and stardust with his family (still laughing @ that movie. way unexpected with a twisted humor. nice)
much needed shirts from the sweet
nice cards, gifts and $
and the # 1 highlight for g's b-day:
the highly-anticipated (4 yrs) release of his music
editing software- Logic Pro (thanks, mac!!)

adam and garrett are so great. adam fills the house with his sweet spirit and smile. gar fills the house with his fun, music, and wonderful spirit. we are so blessed to have them!


Rhiannon Nielsen said...

Hey Garrett Happy Birthday from the Nielsens hope it was a great day.

Sloopy Farkle-Tush said...

Amy - Loved this post and the photos! You are the "photo-pro cum laude!"