Monday, September 24, 2007

let's play bah!

'mom, write about our favorite game so we never forget it!'

it goes a little something like this...
i give them a chance to run and hide.
i sneak up and scare them and say 'bah!'
they squeal with delight and run around
they hide again...
x's 20 and you have the general idea.

i love seeing them excited to play. i love watching them play together. i love catching them and smothering them with tickles and kisses! love these kids and there's no one i'd rather play bah with.


cherie said...

i love that i can hear you saying this!! and i love even more that you dressed up to scare them. i keep laughing to myself whenever i think of it!!

Rob, Melis & Reed said...

Have I told you yet how happy I am that you have started blogging? LOVE EVERYTHING! And I don't feel so far away from my Mamy! Fun stuff! Love, love, love it!!