Monday, October 1, 2007

update 2

quick update:
they do have room on the bus.
their gear is now on the bus!
they had just eaten dinner (according to gar-'some fried thing')

the exchange rate is crazy!!
$100 us for 50 euros
a plate for dinner was between 10 and 18 euros

it was midnight berlin time, so he was off to bed.
there are 17 other people sleeping on the bus-
bunk style.
gute nacht!


Sloopy Farkle-Tush said...

WOW! Amy! You are really getting hi-tech! I love the clock set at Berlin time! Way COOL! Also the great photos on your Euro posts! I can't wait to check in tomorrow to see what's new!
Love you!
Love me.

Rhonna said...

like sloopy farkle-tush said:
love the clock set at berlin time!
very cool!

love you!
love me.