Wednesday, April 16, 2008

sweet bailey sue

bailey was crying
tonight because she felt bad about
something that happened at school.
a girl was being made fun of. bailey
didn't agree, and didn't say anything.
she was silent.

she wishes she had the courage to stand up for the girl and ask the
other kids not to make fun of her.
my heart ached for her.

gar gave her a great pep talk, some really good advice, and by
the end, bailey was laughing instead
of crying. we were all laughing @ garrett's unconventional ways!
sometimes a girl just needs her dad!!


hollysboys said...

that is so cute. i can only imagine what garret might have said to her!!!

JoJosho said...
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Anonymous said...

momofsix says:
Sweet Bailey Sue is right! She DID have the courage to tell her parents about it who turned it into a positive learnng experience. Good job, Bailey. Love you tons!

Mr. & Mrs. Hatch said...

Sweet Sweet Bailey! She is really growing up! I remember like it was just yesterday we were celebrating her 1st birthday and now she will soon very soon be turning 8 and be baptized.

Kerby Family said...

Isn't that the truth. My Dad and I just had a Father Daughter pep talk too. You are never to old to have those special moments with your daddy. She looks so sweet in that picture. Miss ya.

Computadores said...
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Clay's gal said...

I was a total Daddy's girl and still am to this day! That special bond will always be a comfort to her!So cute!!!

Thanks for finding that ribbon book. We will have to meet up soon!

Rhonna Farrer said...

ohhhh! she's such a good girl...& Gar is such a great dad! love the end result...good learning experience!