Wednesday, May 20, 2009

maui- day 2

this day was by far our favorite.
the recipe was simple.
we straight chilled.

6am SUNrise
i loved waking up while it was still dark. gar was asleep, and i would sit on the balcony.
i'd wait for the sun to come up and watch
the world come to life. it was so peaceful.

6:30 WALK
we started with a 'lover's walk' along the beach. i'm not really
sure what that is. but we took one. we jogged too.

7:00 EAT
enjoyed a fresh breakfast w/ an ocean view
each morning i ate:
loads of fresh pinapple
watermelon wedges
a waffle wedge topped with
strawberries and blueberries
and whipped cream

8:30 RAYS
we 'lubed up' and hit black rock.
it was right outside our door.
it had clear water and good snorkeling.
i sunned on the beach while gar braved
the waves. he saw cool stuff and bumped
into a turtle.

11:00 YUM
a fabulous lunch -poolside.
and of course a virgin lava flow.
it's like liquid strawberry cheese cake.

my mind subconsciously went through the rest of the day.
lunch, then naps, then the kids are home, homework, dinner...
then i realized i had ABSOLUTELY nothing on my schedule.
bless you, mom!

11:10 and 25 seconds AHH...
i was at ease and realized the world was my oyster.

took a walk to the mall next door - in search of chocolate.

1:30 RELAX
check in for our massage!
kira and i had the best time.
white robes, iced lavender face towels, sauna,
and a hot stones massage that melted away all
signs of stress. if we hadn't chosen to be moms,
this would be the life we'd choose.

post massage we sipped cranberry herbal tea
as we gazed out the glass walls to the
sea. we chatted and lounged
in the recliners knowing our time was soon up.
finally, we got up and started our way out the door.
but not before we found a sitting area with dried
mango and other fruit. yum. we sat again. and talked.
and nibbled.
it was pure bliss.

we made our way to the locker room, helped ourselves to
another cool lavender face towel, and dressed.

4:00 MEET
walked out to the spot the guys were to be surfing.
no sign.
called them, and they were up in the hotel room laying
down some beats. garrett brought an entire portable mini
recording studio. they put it to good use.

6:15 EAT
reservations for mama's fish house.
got there a bit late.
the sun was waning and the light was on its way out.
darn. no good pictures.
we were not to be disappointed however.
the ambiance was a 10. sunset on a cove in a cozy cottage.
chinese lanterns hung overhead, casting a glow on
everything. the rooms dripped with fresh flowers and trees, and branches.
of course the huge windows hung open to welcome in the ocean breeze.
the food was a 10+. wow.
i don't think i have ever tasted more amazing food.
the menu is changed daily to reflect the name of the
fisherman who caught your food that morning.
turns out ono is my favorite fish. dee*lish. it wasn't
fishy tasting or smelling AT ALL.

i got ono in a curry & coconut milk with heart of palm, julienned carrots, basil leaves,
and some crunchy stuff on top. i couldn't figure out what it was. pure heaven.
for dessert, i ordered the black pearl in honor of my kids. i knew they'd love to see
a picture of it. i was nothing but impressed.

9:00 LAUGH
before we got in, we tried to put the soft top back on the jeep. not happenin'.
why are those so technical? sheesh.
it was dang chilly as we drove through sugar fields and other vegetation.
dan and kira were such good sports even though they froze to death.
wanting to help,
i handed them the vinyl window to use as a wind shield, and then mine and

gar's plane neck pillows to keep the chill off. we laughed so hard, we cried.
they looked like they were ready for a 6 flags ride!! seriously, what troopers.

it was a fabulous day.
we fell into bed thoroughly exhausted and contented.


Melis said...

Awh, Aim! It sounds so dreamy! Love all your descriptions! I'm pretending I was there with you!

connie s.miles said...

WoW! What beautiful photos! Looks too good to be real! Beautiful food, flowers, birds, landscapes! I'm drooling right now.

Meredith said...

Ahhh. I am seriously relaxing as I read along. I am still very jealous, but glad that you got such a nice, well-deserved vacation!


Rhonna Farrer said...

yes. i'm living vicariously through these photos...& you look soo cute!
how fun!