Thursday, July 23, 2009

more rado

a bench in front of silverton bank.

loved the elvis license plate.

we had such a great time at the photo shoots!! i brought up a mess of stuff and planned to take pictures every evening at 5:30.

the weather didn't cooperate, but it was still fun! i don't think i will ever
find more ideal conditions than we had up there. even if it poured on us! at least some of the props were


amy said...

don't laugh. i could NOT get the text to line up with the pics. i erased half the text. whatever. i wasted way too much time with this tonight... but at least i got some pics up.

charisse mask said...

i love the photos! thanks for bringing all the fun props. we had so much fun! can't wait to take more pics when we go back in 2 years. : ) love ya

connie s.miles said...

I love your photographic perspective! Awesome pics!

Brandon said...

Great pictures! Where were these taken...just out of curiosity?

amy said...

these were taken in silverton, CO. right near durango.