Tuesday, September 1, 2009

bailey's room & a computer fool

a few months ago, i walked by bailey's pink and brown room and decided it needed to be livened up. we half decorated it with the things she had up before we moved, but our souls weren't into it. she is done with the princess vibe. pink bedding stays, since it's only a year old. color was on the menu.

i went to a few antique stores~ hoping something would jump out at me as an inspiration piece.

i found:
** hand stitched vintage pillowcases (love these)
** cool yellow stool (finished, and only $10)
i drove home, ran inside and threw off the brown quilt.
i re-arranged the furniture, grabbed pillows from my couch/bedroom, the rug i found on sale that was rolled up under my bed, and then snagged the frame from my entry. (that's why i bought 2. i knew it could almost go in any room in my house.) at this point, bailey walked in and started to get really excited. we threw it together really quick. it was 15 minutes well spent!

(label and font same as previous post)
i'm so happy with the results. :)
i wish i had more pictures...

now for the computer drama.
i almost ruined my computer!

**here's the summed up version.

-computer almost comes to a halt
-i used up all but .57 gigs of memory
-gar backs up everything
-reinstalls the mac os (with new snow leopard)
-i have to reinstall all my apps (photoshop, printer, firefox, etc...) don't really know how...
-so happy gar took the time to help me, wish he had more time...

at least i had uploaded these 2 pictures cuz that's all i have. it didn't save the picture of her bed & pillows.

i've been dreaming of using the new house of 3 halloween stuff for a few fun projects. and adam's birthday is coming up. i always print out things for birthdays. hope my operation is up and running soon.


Meredith said...

That is a very cute room! I can't believe it only took you about 15 minutes to get it al together!

Sorry about your computer. I know how much that stinks when your computer practically fails. Good luck with the re-install!

Melis said...

Busted! Love it!

Rhonna Farrer said...

oooo, i LOVE bailey's room!!! she's so cute in that pic, too! LOVE Your magic touch!

i'm soo glad Gar saved the 'puter.
good luck with it all!

Color [Me] Happy said...

So where are the turquoise pillows from? I have been looking for the perfect pattern and color, and you have it! GREAT, now, where can I get them?

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