Wednesday, October 14, 2009

steeped in tradition

we like to watch movies together. sometimes we just look like this.
silent. intent on the plot.

other times we look like this. this is when something fantastic has happened. when you want to cheer and be all excited with the hero and heroine of the
movie, but your quest for silence prohibits it. this is a quiet form of acknowledging victory and triumph. in this picture, it was where superman saved the plummeting jet filled with passengers- and lois lane- from landing in a fiery ball on a packed baseball stadium. definitely worthy of a raised fist.
How it Starts:
usually one person will slowly, silently raise their arm, fingers rolled under, and then wait for the rest to follow. one at a time, we each join. then we hold it a few seconds. (the length you hold your arm up is determined by the coolness of the moment) and only then do we release the salute. it has to be the lamest thing ever. but it has become an unspoken family tradition. (notice adam fell asleep~ but grandpa wouldn't let him miss out... and i guess alex thought it was really cool, and was worthy of a leg up too.)


Rhonna Farrer said...

leg up!
love you guys.
i salute you!

connie s.miles said...


linda said...

You guys are awsome!

Jan said...

Why am I laughing so hard right now? Your'e right....silly tradition, but awesome nonetheless. You haven't changed a bit. Like your spooky blog. Remember how awesome our jeanie costumes were for halloween? Man. We were some cool kids.