Friday, October 9, 2009

what a weekend!

i just love this picture! it was taken right after dad gave the closing prayer in conference. (he is the one behind the podium, crossing his arms and smiling.) it seems to be a perfect ending to such an amazing 6 years! how can one photo capture so many emotions?

we had a full, full weekend.
all the siblings (and families) made the trip to utah to see conference and be together.

there were some glitches, sickness, lots of laughing, visiting, teaching, learning, some pictures,
family bonding, and of course, many memories made.

i can't believe it's been 6 years already, but dad was released. it was great to be there all together. we as a family have felt the blessings of dad and mom's service. they haven't been around for the daily stuff, but thanks to modern marvels, (e-mail, blogs, facebook, cell phones, texting, and vonage) we have seemed to keep pretty well informed. :) let's hear it for technology.

here are some pics of a really quick jaunt we made to a sweet lil' pumpkin patch. it was really the only thing we did other than conference. this is a couple of minutes from my sister's house!! we were in heaven! (and i wasn't a wardrobe nazi. i let the kids go as they were. and pictures turned out just fine. i breathed a few times, and didn't remind bailey of the stinkin' cute dresses i packed for her, or the flower for her hair, etc...)

all the other pics i took were damaged somehow. (?) the files were unrecognizable. sad.

i am excited for fall break. we just need to chillax.


Meredith said...

Looks like you all had a great time!

RPH said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Duston told me about seeing your dad at Wal-Mart (he was cracking up cuz your dad was buying a Coke!) And Duston was sooo surprised that your dad remembered him and talked to like he had seen him the day before, when it has really been years!

One of the hi-lights of conference was seeing your dad give the prayer. I love him.

By the way, that pumpkin patch looks fun! I wish we had one around here.

connie s.miles said...

What a great pic of your dad! Whose cell phone was that? You can be so proud of him and your mom!!! I know I'm proud of them and they aren't even MY parents!!

Tisha and Mark said...

Just making sure you guys are getting pumped for U2...we have seats this year (bummer) first year not in GA but we will look for you guys!

Meredith said...

I don't know if you have ever been to this site, but the latest entry has these super cute cupcake stands that made me tihnk of you!

spark {the event} said...

wow, ame...your photos ONCE AGAIN are fab. fab. fab.
LOVE them (cept the ones of me! LOL!)

LOVE this post.
you are my fave Amy Sue Mask Miles in the world!

Rhonna Farrer said...

oops. that 'twas moi.
i forgot to sign out as Spark!

amy said...

oh connie- the picture was taken by one of the photographers @ conference, not a cell phone.

Cassie and Chad said...

I loved seeing your dad at conference. Such great memories I have of him, he was my favorite (I am sure I am not alone in that). He used to call me "Pollyanna". What a blessing for your family, now off to Guatemala...Those people are sure lucky to have your mom and dad!!!

Your blog is always amazing, your pictures are so great, I wish you could come here and teach me about your photography...You are one talented little lady!!!