Thursday, April 1, 2010

An April Fool's Tea

We had a great breakfast. The kids loved the strawberry shortcake- well Alex did. Bailey had strawberries and ice cream while Adam just had the strawberries. Leftovers are on the menu...

I served colored 'hard boiled' eggs that were really filled with confetti. Check out Adam's face in the last pic... and yes, then confetti got everywhere, food included.


Rhonna Farrer said...


such a magical breakfast. i LOVE it!
& of course the photos...perfect!

& cracked up at Adam's face...classic!

love & MISS you!!!!!

cherie said...

so beautiful and so fun, amy! you are the master decorator!

Amanda Hart said...

I discovered you blog from your very creative sister's blog.
Her amazingness runs in the family, I see!! (Is that even a word?? LOL)
I love the confetti eggs!! Did you just do the usual poke a whole in the egg, blow out the inards (as my daughter would say) and then fill with confetti? How on earth did you get it inside??

amy said...

thanks for the kind words. :)
i must say i felt like i cheated!! i just found them already dyed, stuffed, and in the cardboard egg carton @ walmart. can you believe it? i was happy to stumble upon them.